Kyle Colby Jones is a daddy, a hubby and a liker of silly things. He’s had the pleasure of working as a writer, photographer, director, producer, actor, a scooper of ice cream and a dresser upper as a Chuck E Cheeser. He spreads himself too thin and takes whatever work he can gobble up.

Kyle has had the pleasure of working in advertising – from one of the biggest, big ‘ol agencies in New York to one of the smallest itty-bitty shops on planet earth.
[Norelco, IKEA, Verizon, Bertolli, Minute Rice, Bedford Plumbing, etc.]

Kyle has had the pleasure of working in anime – writing, directing, producing and voice acting in both animated and live-action shows from Japan and Korea.
[Madlax, Kanon, One Piece, Full Metal PanicGamera 2, 3Dark Water, Guns and Talks, Kino’s Journey, Kaleido Star, Saint Seiya, etc.]

Kyle has had the pleasure of working in photography – shooting people, places, things and stuff.

Kyle has had the pleasure of working in production – writing, directing, acting, boom operating and coffee getting in short films, animations and audio projects.
[Switchblade Pictures, Comfort Wheel Productions, Anime Network, Sweet Baby Jesus Films, RobotBoy Films, Dart “Max” Nguyen Films, etc.]

Kyle has had the pleasure of working on some wonky and wonderful projects that cannot be qualified nor justified.
[Lake Texarkana Gamera, Sock Puppet Theatre, Poo Boy, and this thing, etc.]

Kyle Colby Jones currently lives in Houston, Texas with his spicy ginger wife and two tolerable children. He was born in Dallas and graduated from The University of Texas at Austin. But he tries not to be a dick about it.

Kyle Colby Jones finds it awkward writing about himself in third person.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. I love the sense of humor I found on your blog. The fact that you make fun of yourself for speaking in third person made me chuckle. Third person is one of those things that rubs me the wrong way. I have a rant in the making about it. Anyway, I’m in the process of having my hubby neutered and looking forward to sharing some of your stuff (or lack there of) with him.

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