Closing the baby factory.

I am about to embark upon two things I have never done before. First, a blog. And second, a vasectomy. Wish me luck.

My name is Kyle. I’m 40 years old. I’m married. I have two kids. And I have decided to pay someone to grab me by the jumblies and sever my ability to reproduce. Now, this decision wasn’t necessarily an easy one, but it was something I quickly came to terms with several years ago. About six years ago, to be exact. My precious, lovely daughter will celebrate her seventh birthday next year.

No. It’s not her fault. Nor the fault of my son or wife. I blame science. And magic.

Over the next several weeks, I will be sharing my journey through the decision, the procedure and the ultimate outcome of tinkerin’ with my fuzzy tenders.

Photos to come.

6 thoughts on “Closing the baby factory.

  1. Good luck on your gur-, I mean, journey. For me, it wasn’t as bad as I imagined. But it also wasn’t as good as I hoped it could be. Make sure you do it on a Friday morning so you can rest over the weekend. You’ll still be sore on Monday, but almost back to normal.

  2. you show pictures, i’ll punch your jumblies so hard you won’t need surgery.

  3. Laughed all through this. Charming.

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  5. […] [If you're interested, the entire snipping story starts here.] […]

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